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Uncle Grandpa is a TV Series that first aired on Septebmer 2, 2013, created by Peter Browngardt. The series follows a simplistic middle-aged man, a talking red fanny pack, a static photographic cut out of a female tiger which has the power to fly, an egotistical talking slice of pizza who wears sunglasses, and a green talking dinosaur.

The History of Uncle GrandpaEdit

Uncle Grandpa and it's characters were created by former Chowder storyboard artist, Peter Browngardt in 2008. It's pilot episode was Uncle Grandpa  originally released in 2008 as a part of the Cartoonstitute. Sometimes characters based upon the monsters from Secret Mountain Fort Awesome make appearances in the episodes such as Red Alien GuardsGornak, and Dinner Sandwich Making Pet.

The show usually consists of an episode, a short, usually New Experiences with Beary Nice and Hotdog PersonA Slice of Life With Pizza Steve, or Tiger Talk, and a commercial advertizing Uncle Grandpa.

The new episodes of Uncle Grandpa came on every Monday, but as of November 5th, 2013 the new episodes air on Tuesdays. 


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