Uncle Grandpa
Secret Mountain Uncle Grandpa
Name Uncle Grandpa
Director N/A
Written by N/A
Release Date 2008 (Cartoonstitute)
Views (in millions) N/A
Short No Short
Previous N/A
Next Secret Mountain Uncle Grandpa
Uncle Grandpa was originally a part of the Cartoonstitute released in 2008. Therefore, making the episode Season 0, Episode 1. 


A nerdy teenager, Ham Sandwich Jones, is visited by Uncle Grandpa, everybody in the world's uncle and grandfather at the same time. When Uncle Grandpa arrives he makes a loud noise which causes Ham Sandwich's morbidly obese mother, Little Judy Jones to come upstairs. She is excited to see that her Uncle Grandpa visited and then goes back downstairs to get ready to go shopping. Uncle Grandpa teaches Ham Sandwich that he can have more fun without a real computer by making one out of a toilet and someother things that were found around the house. But when, Uncle Grandpa flushes the toilet, monsters from Secret Mountain Fort Awesome jump out of the toilet and wreak havoc. Using teamwork, Uncle Grandpa and Ham Sandwich finally defeat the monsters. When Judy comes back home she finds that the house is a wreck and her son's computer is broken. When she asks how this happened, Ham Sandwich tells her that he and Uncle Grandpa battled monsters who tried to tear up the house but before he could let Uncle Grandpa explain, he had disappeared into thin air.


Steven Blum as Ham Sandwich Jones

Grey Delisle as Little Judy Jones

Peter Browngardt as Uncle Grandpa

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